Hallmark Holidays

About those Hallmark holidays... My Mom hated them. She saw the game for what it is - Hallmark and other retail businesses exploiting some important piece of our lives for profit, manipulating us to try to make us feel bad if we don't fork over a whole lot of a cash to prove that we love someone while they laugh...[ read more ]

Conflict Code of Conduct

In the process of writing my wedding vows this morning, I started reviewing the last five years of my relationship with my fiancé and how we’ve grown together. It occurs to me that one of the biggest catalysts for growth and positive relationship together has been the way we fight. When we first got together, neither one of us had...[ read more ]

How to communicate without pushing away

How To Communicate Effectively With a Man Without Pushing Him Away

To Marry, or Not to Marry… That is the Question!

Are you thinking about getting married? Read this article first!

What To Do When You Are Being Strung Along

Check out my latest article on www.soulfulfillinglove.com! What To Do When You're Being Strung Along

One Time at a Time

It's so easy for the clutter of our lives and our ambitions to create chaos and stress. We want to do and accomplish and change the world for good, but it just never seems like there's enough time for it all. I wanted to share something with you that I learned from my daughter when she was about three years...[ read more ]

Mother’s Day from the Therapists’ Couch

Mother’s Day is complicated for an awful lot of people. This isn’t exactly surprising considering that mother issues tend to be equally complicated.  Mother’s Day brings all of that unresolved muck rushing to the forefront as the culture around us screams out demands that we treat our mothers and feel a certain way about our motherhood, regardless of our actual experiences....[ read more ]

Strong Broken Hearts

Hearts are amazing things. When they break, it feels as though we can never be whole again. What we previously knew as love gets dashed on the rocks, shattered into a millions fragments and scattered all over the landscape of our lives. It feels at times like we can never survive it. And yet we do. That shattered, scattered experience...[ read more ]

Give the Gift of “No”

We can be the caring, savvy, thoughtful, patient person in the lives of those around us, but only up until we hit *that* wall.  Then it’s all teeth, claws and craziness.  I’ll own that. In owning this reality, we have the opportunity to do something finer.  Not to force ourselves to “behave” when we just don’t have it in us,...[ read more ]

Procrastination: I Meant to Write This Blog Sooner But…

People come into my office all the time feeling guilty about procrastinating on important goals.  “I’m just lazy,” they say. Let me just put this out there on the table:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LAZINESS.  Labeling ourselves as “lazy” is a shame-based trap that leaves us with nowhere to go.  It is a destructive myth. People are never...[ read more ]


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