Have you been through a traumatic experience, or perhaps ore than one traumatic experience? Do you find that your experience still has power in your life? Are you having flashbacks? Panic attacks? Intrusive thoughts? Do you find yourself engaging in destructive behaviors and you don’t quite know why? Are you having trouble sleeping? Avoiding places or people because you know they will trigger these kinds of feelings?

You don’t have to keep suffering.

You also don’t have to be re-traumatized by re-telling your story in order to work through your trauma! (In fact, I will not let you re-traumatize yourself in our work together!) Whether your trauma was military-related or domestic, I can help you come to a place where your traumatic experience is just a part of your story and no longer controlling you. Through specific trauma protocols that include a comprehensive self-care plan, we can work together to heal your life.

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